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Custom website design - Houses on Purple mountains - Web design services
Custom website design - CLoser Houses - Web design services
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About Me

Hey, this is Csongor! I’m a freelance web designer based in Budapest.
My goal is to create amazing websites which will benefit your business.

01 Creating value

Having a website for your business is an absolute must in today’s game, but very few can deliver that extra value which will differentiate your product or service from your competitors.
My aim is always to make those extra steps to create well-functioning professional websites for my clients.

02 Unique designs

Every business and every website is different, so there is no “one size fits all” solution in this industry or at least there shouldn’t be. I will make sure that we build your personality into that website by creating a beautiful, custom design what you won’t see anywhere else, so you will feel that it is 100% yours.

03 Building trust

I approach all new project by interviewing my clients and assess their needs. The reason for this because I have to know your business goals and your most important strengths to be able to build your uniquely designed website which will help to grow your business and profit you in the long run.

04 Professionalism

I will constantly consult with you about your page’s development, so we can make adjustments all along. And what will happen if your brand-new website is ready to roll?
I won’t release your hands even after your site was published and keep an eye on it for you to avoid any downtime.

The quintessence of a great website

Web design services for you


A main component is an eye-catching unique design.
For me a website should be a piece of artwork and that's how I approach each and every new project. From a single logo design to a complex Home page I aim for a clean yet beautiful look which also fulfills my clients needs.


A well-developed responsive website is essential for success.
Creating a well-functioning exclusive website is not an easy task but if you hire me for the job you won't have to worry about the technical details anymore, so you can concentrate on your business 100%.


Your website has to give a great user experience on all devices.
User-friendly clean sites with brilliant functionality, responsiveness, speed, quality backlinks; these are the values what search engines rewards with elegant rankings. So yes; website usability is king.


Obviously SEO is crucial, so we'll make sure that your site ranks nicely.
To rank well in search engines one should do a lot of research to find the best keywords which will help businesses to be found on the internet and get customers and clients as fast as possible. On-page SEO is just the tip of the iceberg, though, you will need other marketing strategies as well.


Every site has a certain style, but my websites has souls and clients feel that.
We all know those soulless websites on the internet where they aggressively pushing customers to do certain actions which often just scares them away. Of course, we want conversions and sales, but we can reach that in a likeable way.

I will make sure to make your dream website come alive!

Order my web design services and as a result success will follow!

My services

Web design services

Logo design

A simple yet beautiful logo is essential for your business so here I am to help you with that. An “easy to remember” logo will burn into your customer’s memory and chances are bigger that they will come back to you later on. This logo will proudly represent your brand or company, and it will reflect professionalism. This is gonna be THE LOGO, and it’s going to be YOURS which will be recognized from miles away.
Ask for a quote – it is just a couple of clicks and it doesn’t cost anything.

Website design

An amazing, ‘customer magnet’ website is every new business owners’ biggest dreams. Let that be a beautiful custom blog, a webshop or an outstanding parallax website with crazy effects I can make that happen for you so commit yourself and make that first step by contacting me about your MISSION and VISION.
Do not waste any more days while your competitors are taking actions. Be the one whom is to be followed and make your dreams into reality.

  • House decoration


So what if you already have a website, but it never fulfilled the expectations?
Are you screwed forever? Of course not!
Message me via my contact form, and we can start the redesigning, redeveloping process right away where we first identify then strengthen those weak parts, so your site can finally DELIVER those CLIENTS and costumers what you have always hoped for.
You do not have to put up with the bad results, I am here to help you – let us work it out together.

Custom web design services


My works

Check out the websites I've created so far!

Z-index web design website references

Zeitler Photo

The very first website I have ever created was for our personal bilingual photography portfolio. I’m quite satisfied with the result, so feel free to go ahead and hit it up.

Z-index web design website references2

Zeitler Bio Market

A very complex yet beautiful webshop for our other business with my wife where we sell premium quality organic and fair trade products. Check if you will.

Z-index web design website references3


An elegant and moody website originally created for a food and product photographer.
For portfolio purposes only, no longer paid by client. It could be Yours with slight modifications.
Contact me for details! 😉

Z-index web design website references4

Benke Ildikó Art

A lovely website which I made for mixed media artist Ildikó Benke, where I made her still images come alive with custom animations.

Z-index web design website references5

Z-index Web Design

The site you’re currently scrolling. 🙂

Do you like it?

Z-index web design website references6

Site of István Orosz

Graphic designer, animated film director, author

Under development!

Mariam Hamdy's site

Site of Mariam Hamdy

Chef | Food photographer/Stylist | Recipe developer from Egypt

Under development

Elite Club

A brand new webshop with a horizontally scrolling hero section, lots of product tables and a clean user interface.

My works 5

Your custom website

This banner could be dedicated to your brand-new website.

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Read what others say about my work!


"He's created the site I've always wanted!"

Testimonials - Flora
Stylist, Photographer

"I absolutely love his websites!"

Testimonials - Mathias
Social media manager

"Csongor created my dreamy website!"

Testimonial pic of Benke Ildiko
Mixed media artist

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I will make your dream website come true!


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